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“Come sleep with me: We won’t make Love,Love will make us.”

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A part of Ashton wished that he didn’t feel bad for her, but he did. He hated seeing her like this. He hated knowing she wasn’t okay. No matter how badly he wanted to just slam the door in her fact, he couldn’t. Instead he widened the door and sighed, “Come in.” He mumbled, his hands running through his hair as he watched her. “Are you okay though? Are you hurt or anything?”


Mary ready to turn back if he slammed the door in her face looked up at Ashton surprised at the offer, but as she whipped her tears and made her way inside “thank you” she said as she turned around to look at him ” i know you didn’t have to I know I’m the last person you want to see, I just you were always my saver and I-i just thank you” she said stopping herself before something she said reminded him more of what a fuck up she was. ” I’m ok, I guess. I’m tired and she drained. I think I cut my lag tho it really hurts and i haven’t looked at it”


        Eli succumb to her to her warmth. It was a fire that he needed to mediate his cold heart. There had always been a n unmentioned balanced between them, and now it had been restored. Specifically, judging by how Hailey nuzzled into his neck, just like she had done for their first slow dance, Eli could not help but to hold her tight  Though the place was loud,  filled with drunk chants  kids yelling, people skinny dipping in the lake and obnoxiously loud music, ironically  the sound of their matching heartbeats was the only thing Eli could focus his full attention on. For a moment, he did not mention a word. He had to revel in this moment; a moment of which he felt like the world had stopped. He was keen on all of his sense that related to Hailey. Her soft touch, her sweet scent, the warmness of her body, though it was rather brisk around the lake during the nightly hours. A small smile grew on his lips, though, the first time he had re-emerged back at the lake. To hear that she was missing him as much as she had made all of the countless nights of wondering about her much more worth it. “I know,” he sighed, though he wanted to promise some things that  he could not verify. He had the desire to mention words that would ensure that he would never hurt her again  but he wasn’t positive that could be a possibility. SO, still, he just stood with her in his arms, his fingers lacing in her curled locks to bring her even closer, whether that was a possibility, or not. “Then, don’t be mad at me,” he pleaded, just wishing to have the simpler emotions they once enjoyed. “Just make up for all of the times you’ve missed me.”

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 Hailey didn’t except to give in after years of being so angry with eil but at the same time she wasn’t surprised that he of all people could be the one to make her feel even though he was gone forever it still felt as if she was with him yesterday swimming at the lack or sneaking some alcohol at one of the parties. All that time wondering what had happened and wishing she could talk to him through her mom walking out on her dad, or having here insert of all the assholes that broke her heart didn’t matter she was just so content and happy with that moment. Hailey smiled as eil bright her colors feeling is fingers run through her hair and his warm embrace she took in a deep breath taking in eil small, he smelt so good something that once was so familiar fulling her head with memory of their first kiss and their slow dancing but with the good memories come with the bad t and the reason Hailey was so angry hit here, eil left like it wasn’t a big deal to not even call and tell her .”I’m not mad eil, Just hurt.” and it was true although Hailey was more then happy to have eil back she was hurt and wasn’t sure how to start to trust him again. “make it up to me by telling me what happened” Hailey requested as she pulled back from the hug and gazed up at him.

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This was, without a doubt in his mind, the best kiss he ever had. Every little thing about it. The way their lips felt, the way his arms moved to her back and everything in the room disappeared. It was just them. Every thought he had drifted away. He didn’t care that he had a girlfriend, he didn’t care about the previous events. All he cared about was her. He never believed in the ‘spark’ everyone would talk about, but here he was proven wrong. The spark was real, and he finally felt it. Pulling away gently he places his hand on her cheek and rested his forehead against hers. His eyes shut as he took a deep breath. “Fuck, Aaliyah…” He whispered, “I feel like I’ve been missing out this whole time.” He teased with a soft laugh. 


in that one kiss it felt like time had frozen, It could have gone on forever and aailyah wouldn’t have care, it was a kiss she had been dying for since for such a long time and even though it wasn’t how she thought their first kiss would go she it was also everything she imaged, like everything feel in to place and everything so finally ok. in that moment there was no girlfriend, no fear of how it might effect them, it was just them and it was perfect. aailyah falling deeper into the kiss as she wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled resting her forehead on her as he did the same letting out a small giggled at his comment ” I’m gonna take that as a I like you to aailyah” she said as she laughed.



Noah wasn’t one to really come to clubs by himself, mostly because he found them not so fun. All it held was girls flinging themselevs at him left and right because he was famous. Something he had yet to get used to. It was probably because he didn’t find the idea of fame to be something he really enjoyed. He lost all privacy and anything that would give him a normal life. Wanting to escape the sad place, he decided to exit through the back door when he felt he bumped into someone. An immediate frown fell on his lips as he went to help her, “I’m so sorry. I — I had no idea you were even there. I can help pay for whatever I broke..” That was until his eyes caught sight of her so ‘merchandise.’ Looking at the female he held it in his hands and gave her an all too knowing look, “You sell this stuff?”


"you know you should really watch where you going. who the hell even uses that back door here? its the point of gong to a club like that is to be seen at the front?" Mary ranted on while she scramble and put her stuff back in the bag. Mary knew it wasn’t a big deal so had made a lot of moeny that night and really only had a couple joints left, she was more upset about not getting to smoke when she got home if the boy ruined them. "no its fine you don’t have to pay for anything just-" oh shit come to marys mind as she looked up at the man standing in front of her holding three small joints. "it pays the rent and I get to smoke for free" she said not really caring if he know, Whoever he was he sure as hell didn’t look to much like a cope. "can I have it back?" she asked  holding her hand out.

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He had expected a lot of things when he had woken up that morning — go get some coffee, run to the store and then finish it off with a night shift at the bar. But this, seeing the woman he loved after two years, was certainly not one of them. And the fact that she wasn’t alone made his heart sink. The guy that she had left him for obviously did a lot more than make her more happier than he did.

     ❝ What are you doing here? ❞

He muttered out as he tried to get the shock of seeing her for so long. He officially hated today. Not only did it reopen wounds that had never fully healed but it gave him a slap in the face that nothing had changed.


 ”umm my mom and dad passed away”

she said  surprised he hadn’t heard of what happened, but mostly just hoping she didn’t have to answer more questions about the ascendent. the last couple of mounts hadn’t been anything more then hell losing her mother an father Isabella had thought about mason so much, and there was so many attempts to call him only to hang up the phone before he had answered figuring he still hated her for why he thought she left.

"I’m back to stay with my grandma.. and my daughter"

Isabella said thinking it was the best time to have him meet his daughter, or even if he should. she didn’t know anything about what he had been doing this last two year and even though she would like to think he hadn’t moved on he could have and Isabella had done everything to not to mess with his life.

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